(Source: Index card file -- House of Zeor) The period just after the sudden, catastrophic mutation rate that had destroyed the Ancient world.

Simes generally accepted that both Simes and Gens were mutants. Juncts used this to prove that Gens weren't human. Householdings said that it took a Sime and a Gen together to be the equivalent of an Ancient.

As gathered from remnants of Ancient statues, Ancients appeared exactly like Gens.

It couldn't be proved whether or not Ancients produced selyn -- Simes had a vague tradition that in times of chaos there were a few people who looked like Gens but who didn't have any selyn field potential.

The Ancients left behind many books. (Source: Index card fiile -- Sime Surgeon ---  Of course, not many printed books survived, and electronic media disappeared without a trace except for corroded hardware.

An early draft of UNTO ZEOR FOREVER) Ancients were neither Simes nor Gens. Orim Farris thought they were a little of both. Produced selyn and used it themselves.

ANCIENT REMAINS (Source: Index card file -- FIRST CHANNEL) Pure metal globe of the world with the continents embossed in high relief --- found in the remains by Syrus.