A Change of Tactics: (Clear Spring Chronicles #1) (#14 2017)

Book Fourteen of the Sime~Gen Universe and Book One in the Clear Springs trilogy.

By Mary Lou Mendum, Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah

It has taken millennia for the Simes and Gens to find a way to survive without routinely destroying one another, and human civilization is once again rising above the level of mere survival. But the fuels of the first industrial revolution were exhausted by the Ancients, and the new fuel is selyn: plentiful, clean, and endlessly renewable.

Den Milnan, a Tecton Donor, accompanies his cousin, channel Rital Madz, to an experimental Sime Center in the town of Clear Springs, deep in hostile Gen Territory. Rital plans to offer selyn technology to the Gens in trade for selyn, the energy that only Gens can produce. Den dreams of turning his horse-and-buggy existence into a world of rapid transportation with his design for heavier than air flight.

Because selyn is produced by Gens--half the human race--as a by-product of their metabolism, the fuel that could power a new revival of civilization, as fossil fuels did for humanity of the 19th and 20th centuries. In Clear Springs, an implacable enemy awaits them, determined to stop selyn collection by fanning old fears of Killer Simes. Unless Den can find a way to calm those fears, his dream of powered flight will never be realized.

Mary Lou Mendum, a Biologist, has been writing Sime~Gen science fiction for fun since the 1980s, and is an editor of plant science journal articles. Other Sime~Gen stories by Mary Lou can be found in the Sime~Gen Anthology Fear and Courage, Book 13.


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